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Celebrate the life of a loved one... is here to help you as remember your loved ones. is a website working for bereaved people worldwide. We are here to help you create sensitive, personalised and lasting memorial webpages in memory of your loved ones.

Setting up a memorial webpage is easy, just register with us and then create a memorial in your control panel... it's so easy it is to build a memorial page.

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Lighting a candle allows you, your family and friends to express your grief, share your memories, say a prayer or write a poem and pay lasting tribute to your loved one together through these candle messages.

recently lit candles

Dalc Davidson
Always be remembered and always be missed. Always be a good friend ... (read more)

Nicole Halliwell
R.I.P Nathan... i miss you loads :( loveyouu xx... (read more)

Stacy Sledge
Jeanine, My heart is with you. Both you and Vic have touched so many people in the canyon. I know Vic will be watching us all and giving his supreme wisdom from the heavens above!... (read more)

Rob Sonnar
So sad.R.i.p... (read more)

Andrew  D
I still think of how senseless her loss is, 6 years later. There wont be another like her. To her family and friends, my condolences and best and hope they found peace and love in her memory.... (read more)

anonomus anonomus
Rip :) x... (read more)

Ann Lawrence
Sarah, please get in touch... (read more)

Kelly Stevens
I hope they find out what REALLY happen... (read more)

Cam D
Very sorry to hear this news. She sparked my fantasy like no other. I thank her for that. x... (read more)

Kevin Dunbar
R.I.P. Debbie we would be the same age if you lived, your well missed and Page 3 springs to mind. As much as your acting talent and Beauty, your the best Angel in Heaven now xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx... (read more)

recent memorials

Alfred Anderson
(1896 - 2005)
A true War Hero .... Alfred Anderson was a Black Watch veteran of the first world war. He was the... (read more)

Alfred Anderson

Estelle Scher-Gettleman "Estelle Getty"
(1923 - 2008)
Estelle played the popular role of Sophia Petrillo in the popular TV show "The Golden Girls" for me ... (read more)

Estelle Scher-Gettleman

Robert McLaren
( - 2009)
20 year old Robert McLaren of Argyll and Bute was from Kintra by Fionnphort on the Isle of Mull. He ... (read more)

Robert McLaren

Marc Lawrence
( - 2003)
26 year old Marc Lawrence was from Westgate in Kent, he had been a pupil at Chatham House Grammar Sc... (read more)

Marc Lawrence

Clifford Thomas Jones "Cliff"
( - 2009)
17 year old Clifford was from the Newborough / Malltraeth area of Anglesey in North Wales, who was a... (read more)

Clifford Thomas Jones

Kathy Staff "Nora Batty"
(1928 - 2008)
English Actress Kathy Staff was born near Manchester, her original name was Minnie Higginbottom. She... (read more)

Kathy Staff

Suzanne Tamim
(1977 - 2008)
Suzanne Tamim ( or سوزان تميم‎ in Arabic... (read more)

Suzanne Tamim

bikshamaiah John
( - 2005)
my grand father... (read more)

Lumumba Carson "Professor X"
(1956 - 2006)
Born in Brooklyn, New York, Lumumba Carson, was a hip-hop artist known to fans as "Professor X". H... (read more)

Lumumba Carson

Susan Howell
( - 2007)
Susan was from Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire. At the age of 27, Susan was going to Thailand to marr... (read more)

Susan Howell
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