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Celebrate the life of a loved one... is here to help you as remember your loved ones. is a website working for bereaved people worldwide. We are here to help you create sensitive, personalised and lasting memorial webpages in memory of your loved ones.

Setting up a memorial webpage is easy, just register with us and then create a memorial in your control panel... it's so easy it is to build a memorial page.

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Lighting a candle allows you, your family and friends to express your grief, share your memories, say a prayer or write a poem and pay lasting tribute to your loved one together through these candle messages.

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john neil
this is for my friend debbie who was like a big sister to me i remember when our families got together and i used to sit on her lap and also we where always together especially as our dads where in the same band i love and miss you and i think about you d... (read more)

Leroy Padmore
This is from the Padmore and Cooper Family. Shenneah, We will always remember you, and we will always carry you in our heart. we are very sorry for what has happened. We Love you.... (read more)

Andrew Thomson
RIP never forgot,and my condolences to your family at a hard time of the year without you. ... (read more)

I only met Joop once, and found him to be a pleasant man. My sincere condolences to his family.... (read more)

Helga Bragg
Babs, our prayers go out to you. ( Helga & the twins )... (read more)

Akik Noor
Very sad loss, just saw the BBC program and it really saddens me to see a good person taken away so soon. I\\\'m sure Mj Birchall\\\'s good work will bear fruit and I certainly appreciate his sacrifice. My sincerest condolences to his family, may they be ... (read more)

Christine Chappell
I remember Ms. Allen often. Her words and lessons became ingrained in me. I could not have asked for a better mentor. Her faith in my abilities and skills despite what others said allowed me to follow my dreams. I wish her soul the best in whatever ad... (read more)

Colin (The Bean) , Sheila and family
In our hearts forever Steve. God bless.... (read more)

marco correa
Mark, What was the name of that black guy boyfriend she had that was super pi**ed off at her? I can't remember but I DO remember her being so scared that she asked me on more than one occassion to come by her place in Hancock Park just to chill....I st... (read more)

Laura Evans
R.I.P honey... (read more)

recent memorials

Tony Weston
( - 2007)
Tony Weston was a 68 year old former Royal Marine from Bristol, England who enjoyed DIY in his spare... (read more)

Tony Weston

Bruce Duncan Phillips "U. Utah"
(1935 - 2008)
Bruce 'Utah' Phillips was born Cleveland, Ohio - he was a folk singer, songwriter and political acti... (read more)

Bruce Duncan Phillips

Daniel Wayne Smith
(1986 - 2006)
So much tragedy for this family ..... Texas born Daniel died at just 20 years old, an autopsy perfo... (read more)

Daniel Wayne Smith

Hai Hong Zhong
( - 2009)
54 year old Hai Hong Zhong was a native of China who had moved to the USA. She lived on Kentucky Ave... (read more)

Kenneth Westwood
( - 2008)
50 year old Kenneth Westwood was a roofer from the West Midlands. He was stabbed to death outside hi... (read more)

Kathy Staff "Nora Batty"
(1928 - 2008)
English Actress Kathy Staff was born near Manchester, her original name was Minnie Higginbottom. She... (read more)

Kathy Staff

Joshua Hammond
( - 2009)
18 year old Trooper Joshua Hammond was from Plymouth in Devon. He was serving with the British Army ... (read more)

Joshua Hammond

Ayuna Mustapha Kamal "Ona"
( - 2007)
Ayuna Mustapha Kamal, fondly known as Ona to her friends has sadly passed away on 7-Nov-2007 at the ... (read more)

Helen Cresswell
(1934 - 2005)
Helen Cresswell was a prolific author of over a hundred children's books - with perhaps the Lizzie D... (read more)

Helen Cresswell

William Oliver Baker
(1915 - 2005)
Dr. William O. Baker was former President of Bell Laboratories during its heyday. He oversaw Nobel P... (read more)

William Oliver Baker
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