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Celebrate the life of a loved one... is here to help you as remember your loved ones. is a website working for bereaved people worldwide. We are here to help you create sensitive, personalised and lasting memorial webpages in memory of your loved ones.

Setting up a memorial webpage is easy, just register with us and then create a memorial in your control panel... it's so easy it is to build a memorial page.

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Lighting a candle allows you, your family and friends to express your grief, share your memories, say a prayer or write a poem and pay lasting tribute to your loved one together through these candle messages.

recently lit candles

Tanya Eckersley
Debbie was one of my best friends at primary school. I still remember going to her house after school for tea. Neil her dad was a gem and her mum was lovely x... (read more)

Arden Edith Head
The hit dance game Dance Dance Revolution led me to Captain Jack and Subsequently our beloved Franky Gee. I was a child and My Generation by Captain Jack was my favorite song to dance to, and I used to always choose the songs I thought were the best and t... (read more)

Sany fox
GREAT WOMEN... (read more)

emma wilkes
i loved nathan so much cried so much when him and his brother had to move i carnt belive my eye's when i found out about this long time ago , but know just remberd i cryed when i tought about it i allways look at picturs of him so sad i couldnt belive it ... (read more)

Neil Steiner
We wish to convey our condolences to a person we have never met, but has touched our lives. During our upcoming visit to WDW later this year, we wish to acknowledge his untimely passing. Please accept our candle with our sympathy.... (read more)

tom wood
rest in peace nathan, thinkin of ya, love you man xxx... (read more)

Stacy Sledge
Jeanine, My heart is with you. Both you and Vic have touched so many people in the canyon. I know Vic will be watching us all and giving his supreme wisdom from the heavens above!... (read more)

Danielle Hunt
To my dear Aunt Val, I will always remember you for your kindness, your sincerity, your selflessness; you always remembered me on my birthday and were always quick to call during my "achievements" graduating college, my job offer from Ford. You will fore... (read more)

mike togwell
My sincere condolences. He will be missed.... (read more)

Andrew Thomas
I have seeen and love the show Are You Being Served. She was so beautiful and it was sad to learn she had passed away at such an early age.She will always live on thru the reruns of a very funny and addictive show. God be with her.... (read more)

recent memorials

Emma Bradshaw
( - 2008)
30 year old graduate Emma Bradshaw was stabbed to death on a leafy Solihull street, it appears she w... (read more)

Emma Bradshaw

Jahmal Mason-Blair
( - 2009)
17 year old Jahmal was a budding young footballer who was killed on the streets of Hackney in East L... (read more)

Jahmal Mason-Blair

Nelson Aquino de la Rosa "Mahow"
(1968 - 2006)
Nelson De la Rosa was one of the shortest men in the world, measuring just 71 cm high (2'4" tall). B... (read more)

Nelson Aquino de la Rosa

Tamara Dobson
(1947 - 2006)
Tamara was born in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. She was a 6'2" Model who became an actress. Among her n... (read more)

Tamara Dobson

Valerie Jean Solanas
(1936 - 1988)
Valerie Solanas was a writer from New York with strong feminist viewpoints - one her most well known... (read more)

Valerie Jean Solanas

Kathryn Skatula
(1954 - 2008)
Kathryn was a native of Tacoma Washington. As an actress her roles had included Life Stinks, Out on ... (read more)

Kathryn Skatula

Bennie Smith
(1933 - 2006)
Bennie was guitarist and St. Louis blues legend who played with stars like Chuck Berry, Ike and Tin... (read more)

Bennie Smith

Ramon Alfred Halton "Ray"
(1933 - 2002)
Ray was a resident of South Wales (including Brynna, St. Mellons & Barry) before moving to Los Alcaz... (read more)

Ramon Alfred Halton

George William Miller
(1925 - 2006)
G. William Miller was born in Sapulpa, Oklahoma, but he grew up in Borger, Texas then an oil-boom to... (read more)

George William Miller

Robert C. Baker
(1921 - 2006)
Robert C. Baker was born in Newark, USA on 29-Dec-1921. He went on to become an innovator in poultry... (read more)

Robert C. Baker
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