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Celebrate the life of a loved one... is here to help you as remember your loved ones. is a website working for bereaved people worldwide. We are here to help you create sensitive, personalised and lasting memorial webpages in memory of your loved ones.

Setting up a memorial webpage is easy, just register with us and then create a memorial in your control panel... it's so easy it is to build a memorial page.

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Lighting a candle allows you, your family and friends to express your grief, share your memories, say a prayer or write a poem and pay lasting tribute to your loved one together through these candle messages.

recently lit candles

liaquat khan
2years bina still hurts rip sis... (read more)

Nephew  Rob
May you forever rest in peace with fallen loved ones and be free of this world. Your true spirit will remain with us and forever bless our lives - Love you and see you again someday. ... (read more)

Giselle Leopold
Mom, I miss you so much. Giselle... (read more)

Victor Avidor
Dear Adrienne, I am so sad every time I remember this terrible crime committed against you. I feel for you with all my heart and wish you eternal peace and contentment in Heaven.... (read more)

Andrea Evans
R.I.P Ellie,thinking of you.♥... (read more)

Ray Partridge
You were a wife in a million, Why did you have to go ? You meant the world to me, I really loved you so, If I had one choice today, My choice would not be hard, I'd wish that I could have you here, Never again to part. . . . Devoted husband Ray xx... (read more)

Kelly Payne
Almost a year to the day and I am saddened that Elena has passed. We will always remember her strong spirit, Brilliant smile and her imortal Soul. We'll never forget you, Peace be with you Elena.... (read more)

David Brown
Although we met breifly, I know Tefe will always love you. May your spirit keep him strong and the kids at peace.... (read more)

Leah Prescott
I wish i could have staid in touch with you lisa Gracie misses you loads Aunty Shaun is doing a great job looking after her I n no you would be proud. You were my cousin and I never really saw you I remember holding Gracie in my arms when i was five or si... (read more)

jojo courtenay
hey bro, hope ur keepin safe up there wiv all the boys. miss u all so much, u especially. think ov u everyday. keep smilin down bro, love u always xxx jojo xxxx... (read more)

recent memorials

Lance Hamilton
( - 2008)
33 year old Lance was from the Dudley area of the West Midlands in England. He was found injured in ... (read more)

Lance Hamilton

Tan Sri Abdul Samad Ismail "Pak Samad"
(1925 - 2008)
Infamous, veteran, Malay Journalist, Pak Samad, was very popular amongst the Straits Times team in S... (read more)

Tan Sri Abdul Samad Ismail

Jang Ja-yeon "장자연"
(1982 - 2009)
27 year old Jang Ja-Yeon was a film and TV actress from South Korea. She made her debut in a commerc... (read more)

Jang Ja-yeon

Mark Chamberlain "Judge Cal"
( - 2008)
At the age of 15 Mark left his home of Seattle, looking for a new life believing he could make it in... (read more)

Mark Chamberlain

Eric Perry Dowling "Digger"
(1915 - 2008)
West Country War veteran Eric, was a Navigator in the Royal Air Force during World War II. He was a ... (read more)

Eric Perry Dowling

Marcus Egerton-Warburton
( - 2008)
Goodbye Marcus, I have read your Facebook messages from the Eton guys and all your sailing friends f... (read more)

Marcus Egerton-Warburton

Mark Quinsey
( - 2009)
Mark Quinsey was a 23 year old who was serving with the British Army (38 Engineer Regiment). He live... (read more)

Mark Quinsey

James E. Young
( - 2009)
Dr. James E. Young was the First Provost of Rutgers University Community in Newark, New Jersey. He h... (read more)

James E. Young

Roopnarine Gopaul "Sully"
( - 2009)
42 year old Roopnarine Gopaul was originally from Guyana, he was a devout Hindu. He moved to the Uni... (read more)

Roopnarine Gopaul

Gordon Alexander Pritchard
(1974 - 2006)
31 year old Gordon Pritchard was from Edinburgh. He was from a military family - he followed his fat... (read more)

Gordon Alexander Pritchard
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