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Celebrate the life of a loved one... is here to help you as remember your loved ones. is a website working for bereaved people worldwide. We are here to help you create sensitive, personalised and lasting memorial webpages in memory of your loved ones.

Setting up a memorial webpage is easy, just register with us and then create a memorial in your control panel... it's so easy it is to build a memorial page.

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Lighting a candle allows you, your family and friends to express your grief, share your memories, say a prayer or write a poem and pay lasting tribute to your loved one together through these candle messages.

recently lit candles

marjoerie villareal
marky we miss u so much and i love u very much marky u are my biggest fans... plagi kng nsa puso ko at plagi ka ding buhay d2 sa puso ko ^^)... (read more)

Scarlett Heart
Milly was the same age as me when she disappeared and was taken from your family. It is terribly sad to think of all the experiences in life that Milly had snatched away from her so young. I did not know Milly, but even to this day she is a stark reminder... (read more)

phil bedford
remembering Debbie,never forgotten,lifetime fan,tragically taken so young,a great loss, ... (read more)

George Liu
You are so beautiful and charming... (read more)

Winston Elliott
It is a rare day that passes I don't think of you. My life will never be the same..miss you immensely but have to be content you are in a peaceful place now.. I will always love you.... (read more)

Toni Palmer
ul never be forgoten ellie,ul allways be in my heart i think about you everyday!.MISS YA ya x xxxxx(beautyful angel)... (read more)

Tez Chambers
Hey babey girl, im missing you like crazy & maybe some eople are thinking oh she neds to nget over it but u no what they can do 1 as far as im concerned, they dont love you like i do! they dont miss you how i do. I love you so much forever and always my d... (read more)

john fan
Mariska will be always in our heart!... (read more)

William Rengigas
Rest in peace sweet angel you will be missed by many fans friends and many more your sweet smile will never fade in the minds eye of those that you brought joy too it's so sad that it came to this wish we could have you back but your In a better place now... (read more)

jojo courtenay
hey bro, hope ur keepin safe up there wiv all the boys. miss u all so much, u especially. think ov u everyday. keep smilin down bro, love u always xxx jojo xxxx... (read more)

recent memorials

Tan Sri Abdul Samad Ismail "Pak Samad"
(1925 - 2008)
Infamous, veteran, Malay Journalist, Pak Samad, was very popular amongst the Straits Times team in S... (read more)

Tan Sri Abdul Samad Ismail

Sri Ramana Maharshi "The Bhagavan"
(1879 - 1950)
Here was a great man, his writings back in the 1930s still have a relevance today. Those of us suffe... (read more)

Sri Ramana Maharshi

Colin John Smith
(1982 - 1990)
Colin Smith was a 7 year old boy from Newport in South Wales who sadly died after receiving contamin... (read more)

Mark Angelo Cadaweng Cielo "Marky Cielo"
(1988 - 2008)
Marky Cielo (or "Buknoy" as he was known to his family and friends) was born in Butuan in Agusan del... (read more)

Mark Angelo Cadaweng Cielo

Sally Garwood
( - 2009)
34 year old Sally Garwood was a Teaching Assistant from Buckinghamshire, England. She was a devout C... (read more)

Sally Garwood

Clarence Clemons "Big Man"
( - 2011)
Clarence Clemons, was the larger than life sax player in Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band. He playe... (read more)

Clarence Clemons

Susan Howell
( - 2007)
Susan was from Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire. At the age of 27, Susan was going to Thailand to marr... (read more)

Susan Howell

Jenna Parry
( - 2008)
16 year old Jenna was yet another in a tragic line of people from the Bridgend area of South Wales w... (read more)

Jenna Parry

Hylton Price
( - 2009)
Neath-born, 63 year old Hylton Price was a retired wing commander who had been a former Phantom and ... (read more)

Hylton Price

Anton Rodgers
(1933 - 2007)
A really good actor ...... Anton Rodgers, although often associated with sitcoms such as 'Fresh Fiel... (read more)

Anton Rodgers
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