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An opportunity to leave messages of sympathy for friends and relatives, tributes to work colleagues and war heroes to celebrate their life.

Whilst reflecting on a sad loss, the overriding theme of the site is joyful - upbeat and positive, rather than sombre and melancholy. Preserving memories of happy times and lifetime contributions which should continue to be celebrated.

The site welcomes all faiths and entries from all countries.

Entering a memorial presents an opportunity to create a mini web-page for your departed individual, with the ability to enter narrative text and up to six photographs. Friends and relatives can perform searches against various criteria, however a key feature of the site is the ability to email the details of the existence of the particular condolence web page in question to a friend or colleague located elsewhere. The recipient receives a notification that a condolence page has been created, addressing the problem of failure to see a sympathy message if printed in a newspaper. This presents an opportunity for them to write their thoughts alongside the memorial created.

There is a nominal administrative charge of $20 for the creation of the page, which contributes to the initial creation and further development of the site – and should not be viewed as profiting from the loss of a loved one.

When a memorial has been created, your friends, relatives and colleagues can leave messages of condolence by ‘lighting a candle’ for the person. There is no charge to light a candle, and providing not disrespectful*, the message contents are displayed against the appropriate memorial.

* Note, any messages which appear to be inappropriate / disrespectful will be removed.  

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