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Celebrating the life of...
Josef (Joe) Carl Engressia  (Joybubbles)
(1949 - 2007)
R.I.P. :-  Joybubbles - Josef Engressia, Jr.
Josef (Joe) Carl Engressia  (Joybubbles)

Joe Engressia was born blind in Richmond, Virginia. From a young age he developed a fascination with telephones - tapping the hang-up switch to create the signals recognised by the switchboard to make a free connection, this coupled with his ability to whistle at perfect pitch, allowed him place free long distance calls when the telephone system identified his whistles as the necessary signals ( refer to ). This skill was known as "phone-freaking" back in the 1970's and was the equivalent to modern day hacking. . . . . despite being abused as a child, Joe was a philosophy college graduate with an IQ of 172 - hence he was known as the blind genius. However, by some bizarre twist, Joe rebelled and reverted to a childhood state - to remain at age 5 forever, starting his childhood all over again - putting the abuse behind him. He surrounded himself with toys and imaginary friends and even legally changed his name to "Joybubbles" in 1991. He became an ordained minister and set up the 'Church of Eternal Childhood' and also cretaed the not-for-profit organisation "We Won't Grow Up" to provide support for others who were rediscovering childhood. This is pretty much how things remained until he died in August 2007 aged 58.


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R.I.P. :-  Joybubbles - Josef Engressia, Jr.

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